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A little about us

In August 2020, the Credit Regulator encouraged South Africans to consider debt counselling amid the challenges of that time.Wineland Debt, a dedicated debt review company, is committed to accompanying individuals on a personal journey toward a debt-free life. Since its establishment in 2009, Wineland Debt has provided debt relief to over 2000 customers, collectively saving more than R1,000,000. While based in Wellington, they extend their debt services throughout South Africa.Debt Counsellor Karl Schweidler expresses Wineland Debt's mission, stating, "Our aim is to assist you in repaying debt affordably, swiftly, and at the most favorable rate."Despite being one of the smaller Debt Counselling companies in South Africa, Wineland Debt stands out as an industry leader. In 2021, they were honored as Top 5 Debt Counsellors in the 'Small Debt Counsellors' category at The Debt Review Awards. In 2022, they continued their success, being recognized among the Top 10 Best Ranked Debt Review companies by the Debt Review Rating Awards.

Empowering Financial Freedom Through Strategic Debt Management

Thanks to the 2007 National Credit Act, those dealing with overwhelming debt now have an opportunity for effective debt management. Wineland Debt utilizes this legislation by consolidating your debt into one monthly installment. Through negotiations with your creditors, we secure a lower interest rate and subsequently a reduced installment.Our debt counseling system, aligned with the Act, allows you to be recognized as a responsible consumer. We emphasize realism in negotiating repayment plans, ensuring it aligns with your budget while allowing for a stress-free lifestyle.In essence, our goal is to facilitate affordable debt repayment, swiftly and at the most favorable rate. Whether you've received a Section 129 notice or not, you still have a 10-working-day window from document receipt to apply for Debt Counselling. It's never too late!

Here's how we can help you

With Wineland Debt, you're never alone on your journey. We'll walk you through the process, safeguarding your privacy, ensuring your active participation, and maintaining transparency regarding how your funds are utilized.We alleviate the burden on your shoulders by skillfully negotiating on your behalf for lower interest rates and installments, shielding you from legal actions, and, most importantly, approaching you with genuine compassion. We understand that seeking help in such situations is challenging for many, and we deeply respect the courage it takes to reach out for assistance.

Negotiate on your behalf

Protect you from legal action

Treat you with compassion


At Wineland Debt, we consolidate your debt into a single monthly payment. Our team negotiates with your creditors to secure the optimal repayment plan, aligning with your budget and debt commitments.

“Since my first meeting with Karl and his team, the stress was taken away from us. As a result of their quick actions and negotiations with creditors, we could start the process and our assets were protected. They were always willing to help and I will most definitely recommend their services.”

“Being unemployed for 4 months meant that I was very behind on my debt. Eventually I got a job, however it paid less than half of what I earned before. I tried for 3 months to catch up but I couldn’t do it. A few days before the bank repossessed my car, someone referred me to Wineland Debt Counsellor. Karl assured me that they will help me – they explained everything carefully and immediately started to work on the processes.”

“I was embarrassed to go see them – afraid of what people would say. It is now two years later and I still have all my assets and my accounts have been settled. I don’t regret it for one day that I made the call to Karl. Financially, I still have a long way to go but at least I can sleep at night with a clear conscious.”

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If you're ready to take the first step towards financial freedom, Wineland Debt is here to help. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized debt solutions tailored to your needs. Don't let debt control your life – reach out to us today.

In 2021 we were awarded Top 5 Debt Counsellors in the ‘Small Debt Counsellors’ category of The Debt Review Awards in 2021. In 2022, we were awarded Top 10 Best Ranked Debt Review companies by the Debt Review Rating Awards.